Our mission is to provide fitness equipment that helps people transform their lives through health and fitness.

We use the best suppliers that we know are great, the suppliers that are the most competitively priced, we only sell you equipment you can trust, we never compromise.

The founders at gym equipment Dubai are true experts in the field of health and fitness with a total of 42 years in the industry.

We have delivered numerous projects for gym fit out and fitness facility fit outs and we have helped many people purchase the fitness equipment they need to make a start to a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe you have a specific goal in mind; maybe you want to lose weight or tone up, maybe you just want to feel better, whatever your goal we have the fitness equipment you need, the best of the best at the most competitive price.

We will deliver your fitness equipment for you and even offer you health and fitness advice and how to use it on request.

Now, how’s that for exceeding your expectations?

The team at Gym Equipment Dubai have 42 years combined experience as personal trainers and health coaches, we spend every day apart from Fridays in the gym, do you think we know what we are talking about? Of course we do!

We have used all manner of gym equipment from machines that were 15 years old and still going strong to the most advanced piece of equipment for advanced athletes, we know what will help you get results and we know what will last.

We have day to day experience with a wide range of gym equipment and we know what will survive your workouts and therefore provide you with great value. We know the pitfalls of certain equipment and brands, we know what to look out for and how to test equipment to ensure it will be perfect for you. We use these tools to select only the best equipment.

Do you want to be helped by a person who has nevery used a piece of gym equipment in their life or a team guided by fitness experts who know how to select the best gym equipment on offer the world over? Of course the latter.

Would you like advice on which piece of equipment is the best to help you achieve your individual fitness goal?

Would you like to receive great service and receive your gym equipment quickly and with no hassle or stress?

Do you want to save money by not purchasing a gym membership?

Do you want to save time on travel getting to the gym and back?

Do you want to save time on travel getting to the gym and back?

Do you want to have less excuses to exercise?

If the answer is yes then get in touch straight away.
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