Our Services

We supply the world is top 3 brands of commercial gym equipment and we supply commercial gym equipment from medium price range suppliers, we do not supply equipment that is cheap, we have learned from our past mistakes. If you want Technogym treadmills, or Life Fitness bikes or Precor Cross trainers we have got you covered.

Then if you are looking for commercial gym equipment that does not break the bank we offer some great midline commercial gym equipment that will last for years and that the people using your gym will love.

We can offer you service packages and maintenance aside from the standard warranty which will be covered already.

If you are looking at purchasing new gym equipment you need the best.

Think about it for a moment, If your Clients (if you are a contracting company) or you have treadmills that break down regularly the end users of the gym equipment you buy will cancel their membership or cause so much stress for the management of your residential building or be very unhappy with HR/facilities management if you are a company with a gym onsite.

It is not worth it even if you do not have paying gym members and if you do then do not even let buying cheap equipment into your head.

The most important thing for a gym is to be seen as a great place to go, broken gym equipment makes the gym a terrible place to go.

We can supply outside and inside fitness equipment to camps for employees and blue collar workers.

If for example you have a camp for your employees and you want to encourage them to be healthy and fit we can supply great gym equipment and perfect outside fitness equipment.

We specialise in gym equipment for commercial gyms and gym equipment for residential buildings and hotels.

If you have a gym or you are the contracting company for a building no matter how small or how large your gym is we are the perfect choice and whoever the end user is they will be very happy.

We also get a lot of construction companies contact us for commercial gym equipment and design. We really shine in this area by providing amazing Client service, quick turn around times and amazing after sales support.

Because our sister company has been delivering world class personal training for over 20 years we can add huge value to any deal over a certain amount.

Some examples include:

- Complimentary consultation on fitness marketing and how to sell out your membership allocation.
- Consultation on gym design and best practices to ensure people can not wait to use your gym.
- Consultation on fitness challenges to keep the people using your gym engaged and your membership
- Discounted Fit Bit activity trackers (these are great to offer the people that will use your gym)
- Personal training for the members
- Weight loss consultations for your members, we focus on hormone imbalance and thyroid health as well as holistic health and diet to help whoever is using your gym get great results. This is a great way to add massive value to your project or gym.
That is just a few ideas that you could use to add massive value to your project.