Our extensive experience and gym fit out success stories show that when it comes to gym fit outs whatever your need we know how to design a space your clients will love and tell all their friends about.

We understand that gyms can be used for 8 to 16 hours or more a day and we understand the unique pressures this puts on the gym equipment, it is for this reason we only supply the best gym equipment and fit out services, products that will last and environments that inspire!

You may be considering hiring gym fit out experts for a space you have for a gym in your residential development or you may have an area in your home you want to convert, or it may be a cutting edge facility for your valued employees, whatever your need, we have the best suppliers that offer our Clients preferential discounts.

We truly believe that the customer relationship never ends and we do a number of things to cement this relationship.

We not only work with you to offer a full service from A to Z but we also can help you staff the gym with great quality fitness trainers, we can offer freelance personal training to your clients, we offer service packages to ensure your equipment is kept up to a great standard and we are always on hand 24/7 to answer any queries or questions and we work with you every step of the way.

We also offer every one of our Clients a health and fitness newsletter subscription for free, this newsletter is packed full of cutting edge: Health-Fitness and Motivational information that you can send to your clients every week as an amazing value added service.

We help you every step of the way from CAD drawings and gym layout design to interior design advice to create a friendly, un-cluttered, effective and attractive space for your clients. We offer service packages, we offer after sales service on how to maximise gym usage through personal training, classes and fitness challenges and corporate wellness programs to our corporate wellness Clients.

Choosing the ‘Right’ Commercial Gym Equipment in Dubai and the Middle East

We have over 20 years of experience using gyms and we’ve used literally over 600 machines, of course we prefer free weights but we’ve used it all, from this experience we know what to look for in commercial gym equipment and we know where to find it.

Have a quick read of our guide below to equip yourself with the perspective, tools and knowledge you need to buy the very best gym equipment for your project.

You see, your investment in a piece of gym equipment is a big one, its upwards of 7000 aed for a ‘standard’ machine and the critical part is not the money, it’s the experience for the end user, they will demand that you get the very best commercial gym equipment possible, that doesn’t mean it must cost a fortune but It needs to be a pleasure to use and it needs to not break-down!

After visiting hundreds of gyms around the world you’d be surprised how much of the gym equipment that isn’t from the top 3 – Precor, Life Fitness or Technogym breaks down!

So, unless you have a large budget for your gym equipment then you need to tread carefully, no pun intended!

Let’s talk briefly about the top 3 – of course there are differences and the investment, like any investment in the best of class, is considerable, however, what you get is commercial gym equipment that lasts, we’ve seen these brands in gyms that are over 25 years old and they are still alive and kicking!

Let’s consider the financial, time and stress related cost of choosing cheap gym equipment:

      - Loads of administrative time listening to end users complain, answering queries about when the piece of equipment will be replaced, etc etc.

      - The stress cost is high, who wants un happy tenants or gym users

      - The effect on your membership if you run a commercial gym will be considerable, think about it if you have 10 treadmills that are occupied 100% of the time during the peak hours, can you afford to have one that isn’t running for 6 days while the parts are being shipped/your waiting for your contractor to come and fix it! Don’t think that can happen, I’ve worked in the UK’s best health club chains and we sometimes had treadmills out for 10 days or more no matter how hard we were trying to get it fixed.

      - I’ve personally seen Clients / end users of gyms lose their temper to the supervisors about a treadmill that is out of action.

So, our advice would be spend as much as you possibly can and if you can increase your budget by reducing costs elsewhere then please do the same.

Let’s talk about low end gym equipment – actually let’s not – stay well clear of it or you’ll find you and your business will run into a wall! Pun intended!

Now onto the midline range of commercial gym equipment and how to find it in Dubai:

There are certain brands like Matrix, STEX and Inflight Fitness that I recommend.

These have stood the test of time and gone through a Kaizen approach – never ending improvements.

I saw these brands of commercial gym equipment in Dubai years ago and used it and liked it and it’s a few of the small selection of brans I personally recommend to people who want gym equipment that doesn’t cost the earth.

It’s not going to last as long as the top 3, however, I do know of STEX treadmills that are still working, without servicing for over 12 years now. That’s impressive.

You can expect to save approximately 30-50% on this midline of gym equipment, to give you an example an STEX treadmill for a commercial gym/full time use by end users in a busy apartment gym you can expect to pay approximately: 15,000 aed, the equivalent commercial treadmill from Technogym would cost about 26-29,000 aed.

A recline bike from STEX is approximately 9000 a comparative recline bike from Technogym would cost approximately 12,000.

In terms of gym machines, let’s look at a multigym/double pulley machine, which is practically speaking a free weight machine because it moves in every direction independently and freely (which is the way the bodies designed to be worked).

A Technogym dual adjustable pulley machine would cost 36,892, an equivalent machine from Inflight Fitness costs 16,000 aed.

So there you go, the arguments have been made for and against premium verses midline and cheap commercial gym equipment that is available in the UAE, now its up to you to make the right decision.

We consult on all of the above and if you need any help or advice please get in touch with us.